Chez Nous – Explorer Tour

Off-centered trail riding adventure along the magnificent views of Norfolk County’s wine country. Discover traces of Dollier & Galinée ‘s exploration, taste the fermented fruit of the land and indulge the way the first explorers did. Energizes your senses!

Join Paul and Amélie on this humorous historical biking adventure along the winery trails. Explore what the first European explorers called the “earthly paradise of Canada”and celebrate what makes Norfolk County’s Ontario’s garden.

Tour includes bike, helmet, local feast offering, wine + a special edition bottle for to take home!

Bienvenu Chez Nous!!!

About You Powered:Amélie Chanda and Paul Meiklejohn team up to create unique outdoor adventures with You Powered. They both love to host events and they are passionate about the outdoors. Amélie is a Wellness Coach, she loves to empower people to connect with themselves through mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Paul is a Mountain Bike Instructor with a passion for outdoor adventure. He regularly guides riders of all levels through the Turkey Point Mountain biking trails and throughout North America. He loves to introduce people to mountain biking! 

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