Broken Needle Rosé Wins Big

Burning Kiln Winery’s Broken Needle Rosé 2016 takes home 2 medals this past month.

Lydia Tomek, Burning Kiln Winery’s Head Winemaker entered her first vintage of Broken Needle Rosé into the All Canadian Wine Championships 2017 and the National Wine Awards 2017. The fruit forward Rosé took home and silver and bronze medal respectively from the 2 competitions that it has been entered into. The medals will be added to the collection of Burning Kiln awards, nearing 60 now in the wineries sixth year of operation. The rosé is made from 100% merlot grapes and is a perfect summer wine that is great to sip on the patio or to pair with lunch or dinner.

“2016 was such a stellar year for Burning Kiln in terms of quality and ripeness so I’m really excited about this vintage and getting these special wines into bottles for everyone to try,” says Lydia Tomek. Head Winemaker. “I had the perfect grapes to make a unique, and special rosé which just kept changing and getting more complex as the months went by. The Broken Needle started out with lots of watermelon on the palate and developed into a wine with delightful strawberry and candied banana notes.”

Broken Needle Rosé can be purchased at the winery or at many local restaurants by the glass or bottle.

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